I’m Zachary Aldana

I am a young professional in Chicago, IL always looking for new ventures and opportunities. I am proficient in graphic and web design, web development, and digital media marketing.

Since the age of eight, I’ve experimented in web design stemming all the way back to MSN.com’s hosting website. At the time, HTML was the main coding used to develop the website design and infrastructure. As a few years progressed, PHP coding — particularly paired with the WordPress interface — became and is still the most utilized coding system for your average website. While Dreamweaver played a vital role in developing code (it still is), the introduction to live preview and drag and drop changed the process of creating a website; this cut at least half the time creating a site compared to coding alone.

Along with the creation of web design elements, I explored professional graphic design softwares to assist in developing high-quality elements. Aside from the Windows default app “Paint”, Photoshop was the first program I used to design website elements. What went from pairing rendered images together turned into vector editing in Illustrator and animating in Flash. Inevitably so, my interest for graphic design branched into photography and videography with the main focus being post-processing.

Aside from freelance work, I’ve assisted in digital branding and marketing for high school and universities, organizations and programs, and professional companies. I held the position as Public Relations Chair for the Loyola Academy College Prep and the University of California at Irvine’s choral programs between 2010-2014. I also acted as Public Relations Chair for Mu Phi Epsilon’s Delta Sigma chapter.

In addition to my graphic and web skills, I am also a musician with a focus in voice. I studied music during my undergraduate career, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Music at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My experience includes vocal training, international touring, and many performances, one of which being at the Allstate Arena for Kelly Clarkson’s Piece by Piece tour in 2015. While I try to keep up with my personal Instagram page, I run a blog called musical life.