July 2020 to present


Web, Design, Audio, Photo, Video


PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Apache, DNS, FTP, SEO, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Afer Effects, Media Encoder, Logic Pro

As the lead vocalist of the three-piece band, zanadi, I also work on the development of our visual brand both for the group and our content. This includes our logo, website, color palette, imagery, and videos.

I customized our logo with black text for simplicity; the neon accents bring out the edginess of the black while attracting more attention to the logo. The color palette consists of all three of our favorite colors: neon green, pink, and purple. The neon also adds elements of fun, lightheartedness, and exuberance.


Because we live in three different timezones along with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we could not get together for a photoshoot. To compensate, we took individual photos from our smartphones to which I Photoshopped together. I had to enhance each individual image to make them look realistic. It was important that I enhanced the images in color before converting them into gray style; not doing so would make mismatched colors more evident.

Official Website

Our responsive website maintains simplicity reflective in our logo and photoshoot. The neon color palette acts as accents for links, buttons, and headers.


In addition to our visual brand identity, we expect to produce high-quality videos, whether they be music videos or advertisements.

For our arrangement of Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own”, I prioritized the transitions in order to capture the audience for the entire duration of the music video. I was adamant in tastefully matching the transitions to the rhythm of the music. I also found the black and white title sequence to be sophisticated and simplistic, matching our overall thematic style.

I am also the producer and engineer of this arrangement.