I’m Zachary Aldana

With over 15 years of experience, I have developed a considerable amount of material to classify myself as a graphic & web designer, web developer, and an expert in digital media marketing. I also know my way around photography and videography based on a software and production level.

I’m Zachary Aldana

Some Things I Know

I’m immensely  involved in the production and development of creative projects that have endless possibilities; whether handling audience growth, developing an aesthetically-pleasing look, or maintaining a clean and responsive platform. Here are some of my skills.

Web Branding and Marketing

Building and creating brands that are digital and marketing ready.

Experience with Google Analytics / AdSense / Business, SEO & SEM, social media 'developers' platform

Web / User Interface

Responsive, interactive and clean websites and apps. Building and creating brands that are digital.

Experience with HTML, PHP, CSS, mySQL, FTP, WHM & cPanel, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Apache, and other miscellaneous proficiencies

Photography / Videography

Intermediate skills in capturing focused and high-quality content. Expert knowledge in post-processing

Experience with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Premiere, as well as other miscellaneous software

Product Design

Building and creating brands that are digital and marketing ready.

Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other miscellaneous software

Storage Hosting / Streaming

Local and remote storage accessible via multiple interfaces and platforms

Other Skills

Proficiencies with Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Logic Pro, Sibelius, and other related software